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Dan HeadDan Kautz is an early “Baby Boomer” being born in December, 1946 in Youngstown, Ohio USA. His father, Dan Jr., came home from the war in Europe and almost immediately married and started a family - as many young couples did in that post war era.

Many of Dan’s extended family were craftsmen and some considered as formal artists back in his formative years of the 20th century. The creative desire to make things literally surrounded him. Dan took on many creative and technical hobbies and a love of working with tools and machines.

His main life-career centered on the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) industry. In the last phase of his career before retirement he worked almost 18 years in the buildings environmental energy management field. Dan earned professional credentials as a Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Business Energy Professional and a Certified Sustainable Development Professional. At age 68+ Dan retired from this long running, intensely satisfying, and important career area. Follow Dan’s professional career on Linkedin.

Today Dan has re-solidified his creative desires by establishing KautzCraft studio. His present focus is with Lost Wax Carving and Casting of personal jewelry and other collectable items. Taking earthy raw materials like metals or renewables like natural wood and creating heirloom quality articles is personally satisfying to Dan.

Follow Dan as he explores his artistic heritage and develops offerings for sale or just items of interest here in KautzCraft studio. There will be many interesting and tangible creations yet to come from the mind and hands of Dan Kautz.

Casting Metals

A list of the metals that can be cast at KautzCraft.

  • Gold 10k -24k
  • White Gold 14k
  • Fine Silver
  • Sterling Silver
  • Argentium Silver
  • Bronze
  • White Bronze
  • Yellow Brass
  • Lead Free Pewter
  • Tin Alloy
  • Other

Feel the Love

  KautzCraft Studio is an artistic endeavor. I love making things you like. I sell my work so I can make more. It’s a partnership with my customers.

  My moto: Do what you love for those who love what you do.”

  Knowing the craftsperson adds a special quality. My time, effort and care are a part of every item. No factory production. I love my work. I like what I make, but I sell what I love… how it’s made.

  I put that love in every item. A quality you feel, from knowing who made it.

  I love the special things made by friends and family. You are also my friend and like family.

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