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KC StampI just received my “makers mark” 4/21/16 for my jewelry silver work. It is a custom with silver work (and I assume other metals) that the designer/craftsperson mark the work piece created, with a steel identification stamp. The impression design is chosen to be unique to the artist or craftsman.

I designed a stylized KC as shown in the graphic. It of course represents KautzCraft. The “leg” of the K is merged into the lower positioned back of the C. The logo is also used on the website as the favicon (icon) that is seen on the tab of the browser and in the “favorites” listing of most browsers.

Overall the stamp for silver marking is 2mm tall. That is not very much, as the intention is to identify the artist and not be a design feature of the piece. There is another mark I use and that is “.925” which is a recognized symbol for Sterling silver. (containing 92.5% pure silver). It is 1 mm tall.

The marks have a meaning and are intentional and even required when selling silver and calling it Sterling. I am conforming to the long established standards of quality and tradition. I feel it is an honor to leave my mark in this world.

Casting Metals

A list of the metals that can be cast at KautzCraft.

  • Gold 10k -24k
  • White Gold 14k
  • Fine Silver
  • Sterling Silver
  • Argentium Silver
  • Bronze
  • White Bronze
  • Yellow Brass
  • Lead Free Pewter
  • Tin Alloy
  • Other

Feel the Love

  KautzCraft Studio is an artistic endeavor. I love making things you like. I sell my work so I can make more. It’s a partnership with my customers.

  My moto: Do what you love for those who love what you do.”

  Knowing the craftsperson adds a special quality. My time, effort and care are a part of every item. No factory production. I love my work. I like what I make, but I sell what I love… how it’s made.

  I put that love in every item. A quality you feel, from knowing who made it.

  I love the special things made by friends and family. You are also my friend and like family.

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