Happy New 2018 Year!

Client Custom Designs

3D Printed jewelryKautzKraft is improving! I am working on a new process of producing high detail Lost Wax Cast, client requested, custom jewelry. My plans are to have it fully operational in the first quarter of the new year.

I have long been using CNC milling of wax for my high detail pendants and other items. That will remain, along with my hand carving. The new process is high quality three-dimensional printing to produce the casting masters. This process is the favored method for many, if not all, the major jewelry designers.

High quality jewelry 3D printers are now within affordable reach of small custom designers like myself. I have more than two years’ experience with 3D printing. Printing provides a level of in-the-round detail not attainable by other methods, including hand carving.

I will let the results tell the story within a few months after the new year (2018). I have great expectations for use, especially with custom client requested designs in mind.  Full size examples can be examined before committing to the casting process.

Tell me what you would like to see… Can I make something just for you?